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Try the new and easiest way of rug shopping in Florida. Don’t buy handmade quality rugs without seeing them in your own environment.

See why, scroll down and read the reason.

Let our designers bring you the exclusive rug varieties from all over the world right into the comfort of your own home, condo, or office.

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Also, you can trade in your current or stored rug with us and upgrade from our unique collection.

100% Money Back Guarantee. You save time & money with us.*
Why we can give you the lowest prices in the market? Because we are serving our customers with a mobile showroom directly from our warehouse no store rent or other overhead.

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Discover our free in home designer consultation for all your rug needs.

Enjoy the amazing presentation of the beautiful rugs our designers hand-picked for you from our collection of 15,000 rugs. Find the rug of your dreams with us: through the guidance of your personal taste, with your own furniture, flooring, and lighting – all done in the comfort of your own home while you sit back and relax.

Free In-Home Consultation

New and easiest way rug shopping in the nation you don’t have to travel store to store searching for the right carpet for your home, then worry if you have purchased is the right size or if it will blend in with your décor when you place them. You don’t have to shop on line to purchase a product that you don’t see in person and can’t feel the quality by touching and inspecting it.

We offer you a free presentation in your own home or office, with a selection of the exclusive handmade rugs our designers have handpicked for you out of our amazing inventory. Through the guidance of your personal taste.

Don’t let your present carpet prevent you from changing your decor to look your desire. We trade-in your current or stored rugs at their true market value and upgrade with a brand new handpicked rug from our one of a kind collection save time and money guaranteed.

Trade-ins & Upgrades

sales – trade ins – repairs – appraisals and cleaning

Trade in your current or stored handmade rugs at their true market value and upgrade with a brand new hand-picked piece from our one of a kind collection. Discover our unique all inclusive services.

In addition, you can sell us your used or stored rugs for their market value. We can also consign them for you. Don’t let your quality rugs collect dust, rolled up sitting in the garage or in your cabinet. This is a great opportunity to turn your unused rug to instant cash.

100% Trade-In value for any rug you buy from us.*

Our Services

Take advantage of our premium repair, reconstruction, and hand wash services without lifting a finger.

If you care for your rugs periodically you can pass them down to the next generations in your family. Backed by 100% Guaranteed Results.

Rug Repair


Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning Lake worth Florida

Rug Cleaning

Don’t ruin your valuable rugs with the wrong cleaning methods. We come to your home or office, move your furnishing, pick up your rugs, hand-wash them (safest and the best way to clean handmade rugs). We dry them naturally with sunlight instead of applying pressure with the heavy press dryers. We than place your clean rugs and furnishing back exactly the way we found them.

Fast same day pick up service.

Rug Repair

Unfortunately, in most cases once the rug starts to get thorn and damaged, the damage will extend in time. Don’t ignore them thinking the damage is little. Let our expert re-weavers and restoration specialists fix them for you before they lose there value. Routine maintenance, as well as being diligent about handling minor repairs, will not only protect the rug, but also prevent further unraveling and more costly repairs.

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Shopping for RUGS online is STRESSFUL!

Reason 1

When the rug picture is taken to sell online, maximum artificial studio lights are used giving it a very attractive look to the rug. The colors will never look like this because it will depend on which way the daylight from the window or windows are reflecting off the rug in your room. Also, in the night, the amount of light in the room will automatically change the rug colors and the look of the rug.

Reason 2

Knotting System
A) Single Knotted Rugs
B) Double Knotted Rugs

It will also depend on which system is used to make the rug. The pile of the rug does not always sit perfectly on the surface of the floor and will make small bumps. When you are shopping online with the professional lighting used and the angle of the photo, the rug will look perfect and you will not see these bumps in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rugs do you have?

We have an enormous inventory of handmade rugs. Our inventory includes very large oversize rugs, squares, as well as common sizes such as 3*5 ft, 4*6 ft, 5*7 ft, 5*8 ft, 6*9 ft, 8*10 ft, 9*12 ft, 10*14 ft, 12*15 ft, rounds, galleries, runners and very unique antiques rugs. Our rugs made from wool and wool, wool and cotton, wool and cotton and silk, cotton and silk, silk on silk. We have an amazing selection of modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional design options. We also take custom handmade rug orders.

Where can I see your rugs?

You can book a free consultation with one of our designers. After consultation, our designer will then handpick an extensive selection through the guidance of your taste. In your own home or office, our designer will give you a free presentation where you can view the selection with your furnishing, lights and color scheme. Also, you can book an appointment to meet with one of our designers at the warehouse in Miami.

Can we set an appointment for the weekends and/or for evenings?

Yes, we do offer in home services 7 days a week, including evening hours.

What are the prices of your rugs?

Our offers differ according to the size, material, knot count, design, and age of the rug. However, we are comfortable to say that it’s not possible to find better offers for our high-quality rugs because we have production sites in several different countries. Our mission is to build a reputation by word of mouth for our excellent services.

I purchased a rug from you 3 years ago but it dosen't fit to the new décor in my house – What can I do ?

We offer lifetime trade-in and upgrade of any rug you like from our collection for the same price if there is no damage if the new rug costs more you just pay the difference.

How does your trade-in option work?

You can trade in your current or stored rugs and upgrade from our amazing collection. In this case, you only pay the difference and have a brand new rug.

How do I clean my rug ?

You use only water and white clean towel. You should only tap the towel on the rug if it does not look the way you want, you can call us to have your ug cleaned professionally, we have rush pick up service. Do not brush or put any chemicals if your rug is vegetable dyed. Call us, we will come to you move your furnishing, pick up your valuable rugs, clean and dry them with the right methods and then bring back to you and place them exactly the way you like.

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